Birmingham Marlins Championships 2021

Birmingham Marlins Championships 2021

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Event Details
  • Sunday 12th September
  • Timings warm up 4.45pm start time 5pm. First session approximate end time 6.45pm
  • second session approximate end time 9pm.
  • Venue Morris Centre.

Entry Requirements and Guidance

There is only one entry form per person with a maximum of 5 events to be entered for all groups with exception of training squad who will be given the option of one extra event.  You can only enter events within your training group criteria.

Entry fee for Learn to swim, Academy, Development, Masters, Fellowship is £7 per swimmer.

Entry fee for training squad is £8 per swimmers.

Entry via the swim shop only on the website. Poolside, paper entries will not be accepted. If you are unable to access the swim shop, we can make alternative arrangements upon request.

There must be a completed entry form per swimmer (not per family)

Only members of Birmingham Marlins Swimming Club are entitled to enter this event.

Swimmers who are Swim England registered at category 1, 2 or 3 can enter. You do not need to be Swim England category 2 registered for this event.

All swimmers will be grouped into classification categories in line with individual needs and abilities including mainstream swimmers. This will allow for a fair and equal process of achieving points per event (very similar to age group para/disability point system) The individual will the highest points will win the event (not necessarily the person who comes first in the heat)

There will be more than one heat per event.

There is a certificate reward for all swimmers who enter. Medals and achievements will be given out during the session – this information will be given out nearer the time.

There are medals for the first place and recognition for second and third places.

There will also be a top boy award and top girl award, with some other individual recognition awards.

There will be a raffle and swimshop available.  

Under current guidance, parents will need to be observing from outside or the viewing gallery (very limited numbers can be allowed in the viewing gallery) or from the live stream. Further information around this will be sent out nearer the time.

There will be a spectator charge for using the viewing gallery and there are limited numbers allowed. Further information will be sent out in relation to this. Anyone using the viewing gallery must wear face masks – this is a mandatory requirement for this area of the centre. (This is a leisure centre requirement) Spectator gallery can only be accessed via stairs.

All member swimmers of Birmingham Marlins regardless of classification, ability, gender and age are expected to enter including Masters.

The pool is 22m in length.

The events will be listed as number of lengths rather than in metres. Competitive swimmers are unable to use the times recorded at this event as entry times for regional, national or international events.

This event is unlicensed.

For younger swimmers, non-swimmers or those who have been deemed in need, there will be a helper available in the water for support. Helpers maybe wearing face masks.

Some events will allow an aid to be used. For learn to swim, events can be swum with or without use of armbands. For kick events, some swimmers due to impairments will be allowed to aid such as woggles. Some swimmers (by official consent only) due to impairments will be able to use an aid for arm pull only during the kick events.

Anyone on poolside who is not an official or swimmers will need to wear a face mask. All swimmers aged 11 years and above who are waiting on poolside for their event, will need to wear a face mask, whilst waiting for their event to start, except for those with recorded exemption in place.

We would like swimmers to wear Birmingham Marlins Hat, if appropriate to do so. Every swimmer was given a free hat when joining but further hats can be purchased via the swim shop.

Some parents will be invited to assist on poolside during the event. Assist roles include timekeepers, chaperones, refreshment support, recorders. These roles will require face masks to be worn. Only those invited will be allowed on poolside.

During the events, we request that swimmers and parents do not wander around the building. The main entrance to the building will be locked with no access except in emergency situations.

Access to the gym, sauna and some other areas of the building will be out of bounds to everyone. The gym overlooking the pool will be organised to allow for a viewing gallery to be set up (spectator charge will apply for using this gallery)

Access to the changing rooms will be closely monitored and restrictions will be in place to ensure that only permitted numbers are allowed are using the facilities at any one time. Please arrive ready to swim with costumes under clothing. Only those in need to use the changing rooms. Parents requiring toilet facilities will need to use the upstairs changing rooms unless an exemption is in place. No parents will be allowed in the downstairs changing rooms, unless swimming in Masters events.

Weather permitting, we hope to the use the outside grass areas as an overflow.

Do not attend if you are ill or showing signs of illness or you have been requested to self-isolate due to positive contact or due to flying back into the country. Do not break any quarantine rules.

We are requesting that everyone is mindful of others and we need to keep this a safe and success event for everyone.

Deadline for entries is Sunday 5th September 2021. No late entries will be accepted after this time, to allow for programmes to be set.

There are no refunds of entry fees once form has been submitted.

All referee decisions are final.

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